Interested in a Ugandan safari? Carry on reading to see why it could be one of the most exciting and beautiful holidays of your life.

If you already know why you should choose a Ugandan safari over, say, Kenyan or South African, use the menus for information on:
  • National Parks
  • Activities such as gorilla trekking
  • Itineraries that we suggest (from a 3 day Ugandan wildlife safari to a non-stop 14 day Uganda holiday)
Or if you want to learn more about Ugandan safari tours, read on.
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Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa with a variety that often leaves visitors bewildered. Although it’s essentially a green and lush country, any Ugandan safari tour will show a glimpse of mountains, forests, savannahs and artfully terraced hills.

A real Uganda holiday is one that will stay with you and no doubt draw you back time and time again.


  • Half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas are found in Uganda.
  • Kibale Forest boasts the highest density of primates in the world.
  • Over 1000 species of birds including including half of all African species can be found in Uganda.
  • The Rwenzori Mountains are the highest mountain chain in Africa.
  • Ugandan wildlife includes more than 130 species of large mammal.
  • Ugandans are well known for their friendly and polite way.
  • Unlike in the more famous and well developed parks of its neighbours, a Uganda wildlife safari doesn’t involve waiting in a long line of vehicles.
Ugandan wildlife has made a staggering recovery from years of abuse, and the following species (amongst others) can now be seen on a Uganda wildlife safari:

An extensive bird list includes most East African species, west African and Congolese forest birds and Albertine Rift endemics. A brief list includes the following:


Tourism is relatively new to Uganda and following years of political instability, was reborn as a sustainable and conservation orientated industry in the late 1980s.  Nowadays, a Ugandan safari tour can be as accessible as any other safari in Africa.

In the major national parks, such as Queen Elizabeth and Kibale, upmarket facilities are available and you can enjoy a luxury Uganda holiday. However, in other less developed parks (such as Katonga), facilities are more simple (comfortable but not luxury) and your holiday will be more of a traditional Uganda safari tour.

Road conditions are variable. Every year there is a marked improvement and many Uganda safari tours are now carried out with the absolute minimum of disruption - thanks to efforts from both the government and Uganda tour operators


Competition between Uganda tour operators is high and this is reflected in the service that they now strive for – they know that a Uganda holiday, whilst being unique, should aim to give the same comforts as any other holiday.

Both international and Ugandan tour operators provide visits to the major national parks, offering a range of Uganda safari tours. Groups tend to be small and comprised of wildlife enthusiasts and adventurers looking to get off the well beaten safari track.

Many Uganda tour operators offer tailor made packages and whether you want a luxury Uganda holiday or back to basics Uganda wildlife safari, they are happy to provide it.
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